Timeless Collection with African Trade Beads

Timeless Collection with African Trade Beads

The “Timeless” collection by Tish Knight includes an array of unique gems: Ancient Roman glass, Circle Blue Studios bluglass and African trade beads complete with precious metals and leather. Every necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece with a story of another time, along with the modern mission of Tish Knight’s bluglass.

Roman glass pieces are iridescent gems that are actual glass created during the Roman Empire, 2000 years ago! Pieces are found all over the ancient empire but most commonly the eastern Mediterranean area. The unique and beautiful colors are formed over time by chemical reactions between the components in the glass and the surrounding earth in which it was buried for so long.

African trade beads are decorative glass beads that were made in Venice, Bohemia and Holland and were used by European explorers when trade routes to Africa were established. This type of currency was common between the 16th and 20th centuries. Authentic African trade beads will show signs of age and imperfection from the era they were made and the years of being traded.

The photo shown is the actual piece for sale. Hangs 28 inches.
#tab001 Timeless Collection with African Trade Beads $89.00


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