What is bluglass?

Circle Blue Studios was created by designer Tish Knight with the idea that common glass could be transformed into pieces of art with ageless beauty. The Studio is committed to using recycled glass bottles to create unique designs in jewelry and garden art. The Tish Knight company reclaims glass bottles and processes that glass through proprietary operations to prepare it for the Circle Blue product line. Some bluglass is created by hand-cutting and polishing therefore, maintaining its transparent beauty while other glass is processed into bluglass to be reminiscent of glass that has been worn and tumbled by the sea.

Why not use natural "sea glass"? At Circle Blue Studios we believe "sea glass" should be found by you as you explore the beauties of the world's islands and beaches.  More importantly, we believe we have an opportunity to make a difference in responsible manufacturing, recycling, and being resourceful in creating beauty from a sustainable product that still has years and years of life in it. We turn glass into bluglass then handcraft it into unique forms of art to be enjoyed and passed on as timeless treasures.