About Circle Blue Studios

At the heart of the Tish Knight dream is Circle Blue Studios. The CBlue brand offers an amazing line of hand-made artisan chimes and jewelry designed to capture the eye.  The discerning traveler seeking an uncommon treasure will find a unique and meaningful gift for themselves or someone they love. With our distinctive products that resemble the beauty of the islands — earth and sea, people and cultures — we hope to inspire our friends to preserve their island experience with their purchase.

Behind each handcrafted piece is a story of humanity — good, honest people creating beautiful, hand-made art to share with those who admire the beauty of the islands. We hope to educate and inspire friends to join Circle Blue Studios in making life more beautiful and meaningful for the CBlue artisan and his or her family. A full circle will be made in a beautiful blue world. In that blue world, Circle Blue Studios is committed to using a sustainable, recycled product — recycled glass bottles shaped and refined to fit the needs of the CBlue brand. As we take a common everyday item and transform it into something beautiful with lasting value, we hope our example will inspire others to think outside the box in creating and keeping our beautiful world sparkling and bright.