blue willow 5 rounds

blue willow 5 rounds

Five rounds of vintage "Blue Willow" china made in England are linked together with sterling silver and garnet. Adjustable up to 21 inches.

The "Vintage China" collection from Tish Knight transforms broken, lonely or even brand new china into carefully cut, shaped and polished gems. Modern, vintage or antique, each piece of china takes the path less traveled and becomes something new while respecting and preserving the beauty of its past. It becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art with a rich history and a new story to tell.

We welcome requests for commisioned work using that broken plate from grandma or the lovely chipped teacup stuck in the back of your hutch because you haven't the heart to throw it out..... let us transform it into something lovely.


#CBC0017 blue willow 5 rounds $157.00


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