Carnival with silver chain

Carnival with silver chain

A Carnival of colored bluglass, gemstones and sterling silver infuse a sense of festivity as this dangle dances about. A long and colorful list of gemstones are anchored at the center with a lovely Hills Tribe silver heart. The focal stone is a splendid 23 carat Amazonite! The dangle cluster has an additional 18 carats which include aquamarine, apatite, amozonite, turquoise, kyanite, peruvian opal, labradorite, garnet, green quartz and champagne quartz. Paua shell and Swarovski crystals add a little sparkle to this lively dangle too.

This bluglass dangle *INCLUDES* our Classic Silver Chain. Made of sterling silver, this chain combines two textured chains connected with a Swarovski crystal and the Tish Knight silver bar representing our passion for beautiful jewelry, meaningful work and doing our part to keep our world sparkling and bright.

CBlue artisans craft each bluglass dangle using gemstones found from around the world. Semi-precious gemstones are hand selected for their unique and beautiful qualities making each dangle a one-of-a-kind addition to your jewelry collection.
#CBD0020 Carnival with silver chain $298.00


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